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Título : MOOCs as an Alternative for Teacher Professional Development. Examining Learner Persistence in One Chinese MOOC
Autor(es): WANG, Qion
CHEN, Bodong
FAN, Yizhou
ZHANG, Guogang
Fecha de publicación : 2018
Tipo de documento: Libro
Versión: Publicado
Líneas de investigación: Recursos y plataformas
Nuevas formas de conocer, aprender, enseñar y evaluar
Educadores en la era digital
Descriptores temáticos: ENSEÑANZA HÍBRIDA
Resumen : Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have developed into a significant international movement, showing great promise in addressing equity, quality, and efficiency issues in global education. To date, many MOOCs have been developed specifically for teacher professional development (TPD). In this regard, an important empirical question remains to be addressed: How and to what extent can MOOCs support equity, quality, and efficiency in teacher professional development? To help fill this knowledge gap, this study, conducted from 2014 to 2016, focused on persistent teacher-learners in a TPD MOOC that was offered for seven consecutive rounds by the X-Learning Center of Peking University. The study found that more than 15% of the 105,383 teachers who enrolled in this MOOC were persistent teacher-learners, defined as learners who enrolled in multiple rounds. Data analysis showed that these persistent Keywords: MOOC, teacher professional development, persistent teacher-learners, self-regulated learning teacher-learners had diverse motivations for re-enrollment, including refreshing conceptual understanding, achieving higher scores, earning course certification, and discussing practical problems. The study also found that the persistent teacher learners developed self-regulated learning skills in the course of multiple rounds of the MOOC and showed significantly higher learning achievement than one-time enrollees. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of both clicklog data and interview data revealed additional insights into the persistent teacherlearners’ learning within the MOOC and their real-world teaching practice beyond the MOOC. Overall, this study contributes to an improved understanding of the potential of MOOCs as an alternative TPD delivery mode in developing countries and sheds light on the future design of effective TPD through MOOCs.
Palabras clave del autor: MOOC
Teacher professional development
Persistent teacher-learners
Self-regulated learning
Desarrollo profesional docente
Profesores-alumnos persistentes
Aprendizaje autoregulado
Publicado por : Foundation for Information Technology Education and Development, Inc. (FIT-ED)
Extensión: 27p.
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Citación : Wang, Q., Chen, B., Fan, Y., & Zhang, G. (2018). MOOCs as an alternative for teacher professional development: Examining learner persistence in one Chinese MOOC. Beijing, China: Peking University.
Agencias / Instituciones financiadoras : This work was created with financial support from the UK Government’s Department for International Development and the International Development Research Centre, Canada. The views expressed in this work are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the UK Government’s Department for International Development; the International Development Research Centre, Canada or its Board of Governors; or the Foundation for Information Technology Education and Development
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