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1 st EdTech Winter School “Emerging trends and new horizons in the study of education and technology”

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Escuela de invierno en educación y tecnología, Eduación y tecnología, EdTech Winter School, Education and technology
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Improving the quality of education and favoring innovation in education systems are among the most pressing challenges and priorities worldwide, especially in developing regions such as Latin America. Their relevance is underlined by the work of the international community through two main policy frameworks; the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and the Sustainable Development Goals. Until 2015, international efforts in education responded to the need to increase enrolment rates and achieve universal primary education, as highlighted by MDG. Access to education is the first step towards introducing other improvements in the education system and despite the fact that there remain challenges in this field, innovation in the education system requires a more comprehensive approach capable of addressing the needs of a 21st century society. When thinking of large-scale opportunities to bring innovation into education, digital technologies are usually one of the main items on the policy agenda. For instance, in most Latin American countries, digital education policies have mainly focused on the deployment and adoption of digital technologies and, where possible, on connectivity and other educational resources. Although digital education also has the potential to enhance innovation in education systems, as international evidence suggests, the mere introduction of digital technologies does not ensure nor guarantee innovation in education (Santillana, 2016).
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Cobo, C. (Ed.) (2018). 1 st EdTech Winter School “Emerging trends and new horizons in the study of education and technology”. Revista Páginas de Educación. Vol 11(1). 98p.
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