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Exploring Training to Use Technology Enhanced Learning in a Uruguayan School of Primary Teachers

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Teacher education, Technology, ICT, Technology integration, Attitudes and beliefs, Plan Ceibal, Educación docente, Tecnología, TIC, Integración de la Tecnología, Creencias y actitudes, Plan Ceibal
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This study attempted to investigate how are Uruguayans future Primary teachers learning how to teach with technology in a country that is commemorating 10 years’ anniversary of their OLPC Program called ‘Plan Ceibal’. A case study was chosen to answer the research questions, documents analysis and interviews were the methods selected. Data analysis revealed that current approaches to learning about how to teach with technology are quite basic and technology is treated as an isolated subject, furthermore, Plan Ceibal opportunities are not being fully exploited. Findings of the study show there is a need to improve not only the teachers’ attitudes towards technology but also their training. Instances to reflect on the role of technology and how current teaching methods could be innovated should also be considered.
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Tesis de maestría
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Gottlieb, C. (2017). Exploring Training to Use Technology Enhanced Learning in a Uruguayan School of Primary Teachers. MA Learning, Technology and Education. University of Nottingham.
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