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A Global Network for Deep Learning: the Case of Uruguay

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New Pedagogies for Deep Learning, Educational innovation, Case study, Nuevas Pedagogías de Aprendizaje Profundo, Innovación educativa, Estudio de caso
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The aim of this paper is to describe an innovative large-scale action research in the field of education. This paper illustrates a unique sample of a global network of schools working together as a "living lab" to test, implement and improve innovative pedagogical practices in seven different countries (clusters). This experience can be regarded as a disruptive experiment from the methodological (i.e. network of schools), pedagogical (i.e. learning by creating) and accountability perspective (i.e. novel ways of assessing learning outcomes). This global network allocates special relevance to the cultural and contextual specificities of each member. This paper focuses on the Uruguayan case, the only non-developed partner country, which is working in incorporating up to 2,800 schools in this global network by the end of 2019. After providing a background and key figures of the current education system in Uruguay, the authors describe the outcomes of this experience so far (2013- 2016) and highlight some of the expected achievements and instruments to assess the second phase of this experience (2016-2019), with special emphasis in the design of new metrics and the adoption of new assessment tools. After stating the conclusions, the paper points out the limitations and further questions to be explored along the implementation of this global experiment in education.
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Original journal article
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Cobo, C; Brovetto, C, Gago, F. (2016). A global Network for Deep Learning: The case of Uruguay". En: Digital Inclusion: Transforming Education Through Technology. pp 71-82. Office for Digital Learning/MIT. Massachusetts, USA.
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