Preguntas frecuentes

Frequently asked questions

What is Ceibal Foundation’s institutional repository?

The Institutional Repository is a digital library of scientific resources in the fields of education, learning and the mediation of technologies.


What kind of content can be published in the repository?

Deposit and publication in the repository is governed by the open access policy and the data policy developed to regulate the service.

The authors may publish academic and scientific material directly or indirectly related to Ceibal Foundation’s topics; namely: Ceibal Plan, 1:1 (one student, one computer) experience in Uruguay, education, learning and the mediation of technologies in these processes.

The following documents can be accepted: articles published in journals and presented at conferences, books or book chapters, undergraduate, postgraduate and other theses which have been peer-reviewed, as well as scientific production resulting from projects implemented, funded or co-funded by Ceibal Foundation and/or third parties.

These documents must be uploaded in PDF format.


How can I publish a document in the repository?

The deposit and publication processes are initiated by the author using the self-archiving mode. This involves the following steps:

  1. Access the repository service through SERVICES - MI DSPACE, register by using the following link New User? Click here to registerand enter your email address.
    The user must confirm his/her email address and choose a username and password that will be used every time he/she accesses the service.

  2. Once registered, the user can initiate the deposit of an item by selecting -Start a new Submission- and completing the steps outlined below:
    i. Describe the item by entering the metadata requested in the form,
    ii. Load the document in PDF format,
    iii. Check and confirm the information,
    iv. Select a Creative Commons (CC) license for publication of the document,
    v. Agree to grant the Non-exclusive Distribution License on the work.

    The user can cancel the process or save the progress made so far for later completion. If the submission process is not completed at that time, the item is displayed as “unfinished submission” on the home page. From there, he/she can resume the deposit process, edit the information entered or cancel his/her request.

  3. After completing the process, the author must download the document – Non-exclusive Distribution License – complete it and send it to


Is there a review process for the deposited documents?

Yes, all records and documents entered in the service go through a process of internal review. The repository management team checks the relevance of the request for publication and its compliance with Ceibal Foundation open access policy. The information entered is also also corrected and/or edited.


How does the publishing process end?

The publishing process ends with the approval or rejection of the request for publication. In both cases, the user will receive an email informing this. In the event of rejection, the email will include the reasons.


Which are the possible reasons for rejecting a publication?

The request for publication may be rejected in the following cases:
i) If the work fails to meet the quality and relevance criteria established in Ceibal Foundation’s Institutional Open Access Policy;
ii) If the author has not provided all the necessary information during the deposit and publishing process;
iii) If the author has not sent the duly completed and signed non-exclusive distribution license.

In these cases, the author will receive an email stating the reason, and he/she will be able to resume the deposit process or abandon the request and remove it from the system.


Can a user other than the author of the work make the deposit of an item?

Yes. However, final publication by the repository management team will be made only when the author/s has/have completed, signed and submitted the non-exclusive distribution license authorizing publication in the repository.


Are there any restrictions on the use of the content published in the repository?

The content published in the repository is under Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0), which makes it possible to share and make use of the material by properly citing the source of information, giving due credit to the author and stating whether changes have been made.