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Fecha de publicaciónTítuloAutor(es)
2016A Data Protection Framework for Learning AnalyticsCORMACK, Andrew Nicholas
13-sep-2010Acceso a las TIC en hogares del Uruguay urbano: logros y desafíos para la asentar los pisos de una integración digitalDODEL, Matías
2015An Analytical Framework to Incorporate ICT as an Independent VariableDODEL, Matías; Chib, Arul
2016An Ethical Approach to Data Privacy ProtectionLEE, Wanbil W.; ZANKL, Wolfgang; CHANG, Henry
abr-2013Big Data for All: Privacy and User Control in the Age of AnalyticsTENE, Omer; POLONETSKY, Jules
6-oct-2018Computers and students’ achievement: An analysis of the One Laptop per Child program in CataloniaMORA, Toni; ESCARDÍBUL, Josep-Oriol; DI PIETRO, Giorgio
jul-2017Dossier 1st EdTech Winter School “Emerging trends and new horizons in the study of education and technology”ZUCCHETTI, Alessia; RIVERA VARGAS, Pablo; MIÑO-PUIGCERCÓS, Raquel; MUNIZ, Serrana; GONZÁLEZ, Alejo; HERSHKOVITZ, Arnon, et al
21-ago-2018Ethical governance is essential to building trust in robotics and artificial intelligence systemsWINFIELD, Alan F. T.; JIROTKA, Marina
ago-2018Ethics Advisory Group Report 2018 - Towards a digital ethics.EUROPEAN DATA PROTECTION SUPERVISOR
mar-2019Leaving No One Behind: Measuring the Multidimensionality of Digital Literacy in the Age of AI and other Transformative TechnologiesCOBO, Cristóbal; ZUCCHETTI, Alessia; KASS-HANNA, Josephine; LYONS, Angela
15-oct-2018Soft ethics, the governance of the digital and the General Data Protection RegulationFLORIDI, Luciano
2-dic-2016The Tyranny of Data? The Bright and Dark Sides of Data-Driven Decision-Making for Social GoodLEPRI, Bruno; STAIANO, Jacopo; SANGOKOYA, David; LETOUZÉ, Emmanuel Francis; OLIVER, Nuria